Our commitments


Gites for disabled guests

The nationally-approved label 'Tourisme et Handicap' was created to advise people with disabilities on how to go away on holiday, find suitable accommodation, activities and places to visit. It concerns 4 types of disability: reduced mobility, visual, hearing, and learning.


The UNEP Green Passport, a commitment to sustainable tourism

In June 2012 Loire-Atlantique Conseil Général and Nantes & Saint-Nazaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry became co-signatories to a memorandum with the UNO to promote the development of the Green Passport in the area. In the wake of this pioneering action, Gites de France 44 signed the Loire-Atlantique Green Passport Charter in 2013 and thus made a commitment to work with the signatories in favour of sustainable tourism within the region and to use sustainable development to influence innovation,
competitiveness and performance in its provision of tourist facilities.



Ecogites are Gites de France approved accommodation (gites or B&B) which are eco-friendly. They are constructed of local, environmentally-safe material, use renewable energy sources and have reduced energy and water consumption. These gites and B&Bs provide, above all, a way for owners and their guests to make a positive contribution towards protecting the environment and particularly by eco-actions.


….or a few tips on how to be eco-friendly - even when on holiday !
  • In the kitchen :

- use a dishcloth, floorcloth or tea towel rather than wet-wipes or kitchen-roll
- separate rubbish into different bins (wet waste, paper/cardboard, plastic, metal and glass)
- drink tap water rather than bottled water
- only use the dishwasher when it is fully-loaded
- use a lid when cooking; reheat food in a microwave rather than a conventional oven

  • In the bathroom :

- tell the owners if any taps or toilets are leaking
- have a shower rather than a bath
- use eco-friendly soap powder and dry clothes outside – there's no better drier than the sun!
- avoid blocked pipes and the use of chemicals by regularly removing hair, etc from plugholes

  • In all the accomodation :
- turn off the lights when you leave a room
- set heating thermostats to 19°; turn down heating when you go out ; close all curtains and blinds at night
- air all rooms every day for about 10 minutes, taking care to turn off the radiators beforehand.

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